Rockwell/Delta Bandsaw

My bandsaw is a 14" Rockwell/Delta model 28-380.  It's old but I have not got around to asking Delta's customer service just how old.  It has the hex shaft on the upper blade guide post.  The switch is not the original which was mounted down in the empty hole in the base.  The switch failed, and that was a stupid place for the switch anyway so I moved it up in the area where it is found on current production models.
Delta calls this model a Metal - Wood Cutting Multi - Speed bandsaw.   It is a heavy cousin of their common wood cutting saw and includes an oil bath gear box in the base casting.  A push-pull knob in the side box allows changing the gearing from high speed range for wood cutting, to low speed range for metal cutting.   Of course it has the normal stepped belt sheaves to further change speeds within a range.

These old bandsaws did not include a dust collection provision, and what they put on the current production saws is only slightly better than nothing at all.  The old sheet metal bases did include a chute out the back for dust.  I have adapted a hood to pickup the chute in the back, and designed another hood to pick up dust directly under the table.  Click this link to see how I mounted this dust collector.