Rockwell/Delta Radial Drill Press

This is an old 32" Rockwell/Delta Radial Drill Press.  The steel stand is original.  This model has a sliding and swiveling head.  You can slide the press head forward to get 16" of clearance between the post and the center of the spindle.   I usually keep it about where it is shown in this photo, about 8" from post to spindle because the machine seems to be balanced well at about that point.  The head will also swivel so that the spindle is +/- 45 from vertical.  This can be a very useful feature when working with angles, on chairs for example.  I believe these were sold without full belt guarding, just like you see it here.
In spite of all the nice features of a radial drill press, this machine probably will be sold or traded off for a larger floor model traditional design drill press.