Transpower 6" Jointer

This is the jointer that I just love to hate.  It is the stationary tool that I have owned the longest, everything else has been upgraded or eliminated.  But this jointer just keeps hanging in there, doing whatever I need it to do and avoiding being put up for adoption.  Transpower was a machinery importer located here is Southern California.  They merged or sold or whatever and used other business names over the 15 years that I have owned this machine.  The machine has a really crappy base stand, and had no provision for dust collection so I had to integrate my own hood.  But the fence is center mounted, the tables are coplaner and flat, and even with the lousy base stand it runs smooth as silk on the original V-belt.  Hmmm, I guess it will probably be around for a while.  Unless I find a great deal on an 8" in which case it will be outtahere.