Rockwell Unisaw

The tablesaw is a 10" Rockwell Unisaw, model 34-761, 1985 vintage.  There are no Delta tags to be found on it.  The saw shipped with a 52" Rockwell Unifence, however I have become accustomed to the Biesemeyer fence so I replaced the Unifence straight away with this Biesemeyer Commercial 30" fence.  The 30" fence was chosen over a 52" because of limited space.  The roller base is a ShopFox.  The choice of the 30" Biesemeyer meant that I did not need the extended roller base for support legs.  The saw is heavy enough that outboard support legs are not needed, but they certainly would be with a 52" fence.  The saw is also equipped with a detachable outfeed table.

The Unisaw cabinet saw replaced my Grizzly contractors saw shown elsewhere.

I have the Unisaw positioned near the rollup garage door.  That door is usually open, just one of the advantages of living in sunny Southern California.  On the rare rainy day when the door must be closed I am limited to ripping work shorter than 3 feet or so.  That hasn't been a problem at all, and doing it that way is almost like having an extra 8' of shop floor.
The "upside down peace symbol" that Rockwell used for a time.  The old tools experts say that the mid 80's were not Rockwell's best in terms of quality.   I'm sure that I was lucky because this saw is rock solid.
No tablesaw is really complete when it leaves the factory.  You need accessories to really make it perform.  Some you can buy, some you can make.  Zero clearance inserts for example can and should be shop made.  Sleds of various styles should be shop made as well.  Here is my 90 cut-off sled.
This sled is for panels or sheet stock.  The cut-off sled above will handle sheets up to about 20" while this panel sled can handle 30" wide sheets.   These are made from 3/4" white Melamine.
The miter gauge that comes with your saw leaves a lot to be desired.  Woodworkers today are fortunate to have many aftermarket choices.  This miter gauge is an Incra model and it works well for me, although there are better choices available today.