Tour the Shop

My shop, commonly known as a garage, is 22' x 22' in size.  You can get an idea of the layout in the graphic below.  I have a lot of cabinet and countertop space which is great, but it also takes up a lot of wall space.  My layout is perhaps unusual in that my major equipment is in a cluster in the center of the shop space.   I think of it as an island.  This works out very well for me and the kind of work I typically do.  It makes it easy to drop dust collection and electrical from above the island and directly to the clustered tools.  I plan to drop compressed air as well, just haven't got that done yet.  Most important for me was to get my lathe away from the walls.  I learned in my previous shop that placing a lathe against a wall doesn't work well, preventing access to the off side, making good lighting difficult, and cleanup is much harder.  The downside to the island might be the limited open floor space for working on large furniture or cabinet pieces.  Since I only occaisionally do these large pieces, the trade off makes sense.  Moreover, mobile bases allow any of the equipment to be moved easily, and I will be adding more of those as time permits.

Here is a graphic layout of the shop.   The major items are identified by numeral and you may scroll down to find links with more information.

wideoverviewsmall.jpg (34180 bytes)
Above is an overall photo looking in the garage door.   This gives a good perspective of the layout.  The interior walls are paneled with T1-11 exterior siding.  Panels could be taken down to work on utilities if needed.  The ceiling is open rafters because I like the open feeling, it is cooler in the summer, and I tend to store lengths of pipe and such up there.  The lighting consists of 8 fixtures, each with 2 8' flourescent tubes.  About 1/3 of those are blocked when the garage door is up, which is unfortunate on warm summer evenings when I need the door open - lighting is less than I would like at those times.
The Furnishings:

The numerals below correspond to the line layout at the top of this page.  Just click on an active line below to see photos and info.

1. Rockwell Unisaw
2. Transpower Jointer
3. Rockwell/Delta Metal/Wood Bandsaw
4. Rockwell 6 x 48" Belt Sander
5. Rockwell/Delta 32" Radial Drill Press
6. Hegner 14" Scrollsaw
7. Walker-Turner 12 x 36" Lathe
8. Dewalt 12.5" Thickness Planer
9. Router Table
10. Jet 1100 Dust Collector
11. Dust Collector Cyclone
12. Woodworking Bench
13. Corner Workstation/Hutch
14. Cabinets/Counters
15. Air Compressor/Shop Vac
16. Hand Tool Boxes
17. Clamps Rack
18. Outfeed Table for Unisaw (not shown above)